Desires at dawn

It's dawn's twilight already,
Peeping through the curtain gaps,

Counting my restless minutes,
Missing the queen of the witching hour

Ignorance is bliss, until a kiss
Tongue twists and melon-delves
Heart leaks and mind fumes

Is this just a prurience zest
Yellow roses bloom mauve carnations
Take a break for a her-she's kiss

I wrote these lines at a midnight hour during mid of Feb 2019 for an online friend named K when she wasn’t available to talk to me because she’s busy working . I desperately needed her during this hour to sext with me but at the same time, I didn’t want to ping and disturb her. We (or at-least me) got used to texting her until 4 in the morning. Our texts passionately drifted from non sexual conversations. This was a few weeks after we sexted for the first time. I anticipated until then but she didn’t and my thoughts of desire went unfulfilled that night.


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