The first time!

It wasn’t a regular day, I was in my 9th grade (2006) and my friend took me to an internet cafe. It wasn’t my first time visiting an internet cafe, I used to visit once a week because having an internet connection at home is a luxury those days. I used to pay 15 INR for an hour, spending the whole hour listening to songs at raaga dot com. I don’t even know if that site exists now. And pocket money isn’t a frequent visitor, so I had to wait all the week to collect and save around 20 to 50 INR from home and spend them on saturdays, since its a half day. I wasn’t allowed to come out of my home much, so Sunday isn’t really an outing day, except for attending religious services.

So this day, my friend took me to a nearby cafe after our school hour. It was a Saturday, I remember because it was noon. He wanted to show me something on the internet. We sat in a cubicle, he opened a few pages and all I could see is pictures of naked people banging each other. He did browse a few pages of that sort and I remember I was already going blank in my mind. I wasn’t able to digest what was on the screen. I urged my friend that I had to leave for home, so I left. As soon as I reached home, I went into the bathroom and I puked.

This was my first time watching porn. That’s how it began, in the year 2006, when I was 15. From then, Holly Halston was my favourite for a few years.


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