It was during my high school days that the only porn we knew was from TV channels like Fashion TV, HBO, Hallmark and other local – music video request channels. I don’t know about other parts of India but in Hyderabad, we used to have a TV channel named i TV. If you have a land line phone, you dial their number and you request a song by browsing through the song menu with the key pad.

I don’t know who but someone used to request this Bollywood song – tip tip barsa pani, a song capturing a couple dancing in the rain. The actress in the video wears a yellow transparent saree, the rain drenching her clothes only to perfectly outline her figure, in a way that the viewer can guess the size of her breasts. That was a porn video for me back then. The tension of ‘someone might be coming home soon ‘ versus ‘let me pump it out before the song ends’ is a never ending cycle .

The utmost hottest music video back then for me was ‘ Babuji zara dheere chalo ‘ in which a female dancer (Yana Gupta) comes on to the stage wearing a pink- blue top and bottom. Her footwear in that song is is extremely sexy, a kind of gladiator sandals with silver lace running around her sexy calves. This legal video currently on YouTube by Sony music ends the video after some dancing but the original video contains a bit more seduction. The actress basically goes into a dark room and everyone waits for her to come back. She comes back with a black leather bra, black short and a black leather boots where the leather of the boot stretches until her knees. You can find this part of the video on YouTube by a guy named Karim Khan. During this part of the video, the dancer looks dominantly sexy. She looks so sexy that shes giving an impression as if she’s controlling the tension on every man’s sexual nerves present in that room and that she holds the key to their chastity and that they’re begging her to unlock them.

A guy in the video goes to the feet of the dancer and she places her leg on his shoulder. And then, this guy tries to unzip the long boot of this dominant goddess. After he unzips her boot and the boot is thrown away, she pours red wine on her thigh. This wine flows from her thigh to the calve to the toes which are actually now in the guy’s mouth, sucking them and collecting the wine into his mouth. This was my first idea of foot fetish and it was a major foot fetish porn video for me. And my idea of a Femdom took birth from here. With my orientation always towards older women and the conservative limitations of then society, I kept my ideas to myself and never discussed. Years later, a movie named ‘My mistress ‘ would release and emannuelle beart had played an amazing role, seducing the submissive in my mind. This is how my foot fetish journey took place. I searched a lot of porn for quality foot fetish but never got one according to my standards. Porn star Gianna Dior had done a great scene in the tonight’s girlfriend series, which was around one or two years ago. This had satisfied my idea of a foot fetish sub. And a few foot fetishers on instagram are worthy to be considered. Leggy Bundy stands my favourite, always. The reasons being I like dark skin. And that she knows how to tingle a man’s foreskin with a picture of her feet.

That’s my journey towards #footfetish.

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