Big ‘C’

It was in the year 2007 when I graduated from high school. Tenth graders have to go through the board exam, which means that the exam would be conducted by a board appointed by the government and not by the high school management. Classes would be hectic and tenth grade teachers are a bit stricter. This is the time we see the science subject classifying to Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

We got a new teacher for chemistry, I don’t remember her name now, its been eleven years since I graduated. But I remember her for her figure. I now realise how statues helped generations remember great people in the past. Her hairs defined the Malayali curls. She’s fair looking, short and a bit curvy. I guess she washes her hair every day, it was always loosened, she hardly came with braids. It wasn’t oily but the texture was always glossy. When she turned back to write on the board, that was the moment when all the boys in the class never lose their attention. Her Malayali style of wearing a saree revealed her blouse at every moment she turned back to the black board. As her hand would go writing lines on the board, her hairs would sway, disclosing her nape and the skin beneath, where the blouse wouldn’t cover her body. As the light shimmered over her skin, all the boys went crazy, paying attention so generously as if she’s the only teacher that knows how to teach for high school kids.

A few boys would sit at the front rows when it was time for chemistry class. My favourite part of her class was when I get to see her belly curves beneath her blouse and her navel above the lower part of her saree. We heard she was just married so may be that’s the reason her belly didn’t have marks of any Cesarean section. I’m a short guy so I sat at first bench. Slim navels are sexy but fatty navels are always lickable. Those were the days when an actress was an ambassador for a mobile phone firm. It was one of the favourite advertisements for all the perverted men those days. It’s because the actress had very big sized but firm and tight breasts in the shape of C slightly mended enough into a smoother < . And the name of the mobile phone firm contained just two words, the second word being just “C”. I don’t know why they named it so and if the name really had any connection to the ambassador’s breasts but this was a popular ad those days.

This teacher’s breasts had similar figure to the actress in the ad. So we named her “big c”. She once was dictating notes and a guy at the second bench made some fuss. She did notice that and started to hit him with the 20 cm long wooden scale. She wasn’t able to reach him due to her shortness. She stood at the end of the bench, bending her way towards the guy. The guy that made the fuss was at the middle of the bench. While this is happening, a guy’s hand was at the end of the bench allowing her navel and her lower blouse kiss his hand. At the end of the class, everyone in the class expressed their jealous towards the guy who go lucky to have her skin kiss his hand.

I’m pretty sure everyone masturbated before their sleep, fantasising this big c teacher. I did.. a lot of times. Can’t forget that incident.

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